Packing Tips for Moving in Kansas City

Anyone who has moved in the Kansas City Metro area or anywhere else for that matter knows that packing can be the most tedious task you encounter when moving to a new location.  How can you make packing less stressful?  Secure Moving & Storage has a few tips to help make your moving experience a good one.

First, don’t pack everything at once.  There are some items you can pack weeks before the move, so get organized ahead of time.  We suggest:

Starting with drawers and closets.  Open everything up so you can see what there is to pack, and what you can donate or discard.  Once you have packed up items in drawers and closets, close them so you know you’ve completed packing in those areas.

Set aside ample time when packing up the kitchen.  Think of all the cooking utensils, pots and pans, dishes, silverware, glasses, spices and condiments in your kitchen; even the thought can be overwhelming! Be sure you set aside plenty of time, as fragile or breakable items like plates or fine china have to be individually wrapped.

Don’t pack items from different rooms in one box.  This one’s plain and simple!  You want to keep rooms separated when moving.

For easier moving, suitcases can be used for clothes stored in drawers; for those hanging items, wardrobe boxes make packing up closets easy.

Boxes that are left open not only take up more room, but are harder to handle – and you could lose some of your belongings.  Be sure to close and tape boxes securely.

Have a library full of books?  Use small boxes, as books are heavy and when packed in large boxes can literally be back-breaking work.

Label boxes so that you know exactly what room they go in when you arrive at your new location.  This prevents doing twice the work of moving a box into the home, then having to move it again later into the proper room.

Televisions, stereos, and other electronic equipment should either be bubble wrapped or packed in the original box.

Have furnishings (such as Ikea) you can take apart?  Be sure to secure or tape all of the parts to the main base to prevent loss of important parts.

Certain items (toiletries, sleep wear, pillows, blankets, etc.) that you will use right away should be loaded toward the back of the moving truck unless you intend to transport those items yourself, so be sure to inform your movers.
At Secure Moving & Storage we want to help make your Kansas City area move as easy and stress-free as possible.  For more packing tips or help with packing, give us a call today!