Kansas City Commercial Moving-the Importance of Timing

Budget and availability are two important things to consider in a commercial move in the KC area. If you haven’t thought about the timing of you move, you should. Here’s why.

When we talk about availability, we’re talking about not only the moving company, but your employees as well. Typically, most companies move between May and September, which is the peak season for moving companies. This may make it a bit more difficult if you’re looking to relocate quickly, depending on how packed the moving company’s schedule is, and the availability of your employees to help get everything prepared for the move. Lots of employees vacation during summer months, so consider that factor as well.

In some cases you may get a better deal moving between September and April. While this isn’t true in every case, some commercial moving companies offer discounted rates during the slower season to help stimulate business. Choosing to move locations during the off-season could mean money savings, and a quicker move considering the moving company isn’t likely to be as busy.

Consider moving during the week. It’s natural for most companies to choose the weekend to move, especially those who conduct business Monday through Friday. However, moving during the week may be a better choice as again, the Kansas City commercial moving company you choose may not be as busy – and you’ll likely have more “hands on deck” in terms of employees, who may not want to participate on the weekend.

Sometimes moving your office or business location from KC, Lee’s Summit, or other nearby cities during the peak of summer simply can’t be avoided. To ensure a professional, seamless move no matter what month or day of the week, give Secure Moving & Storage a call today at 816-256-8599.