Moving Long Distance? Kansas City Movers Have Ideas on How to Avoid Boredom

If you’re moving across the state or even across the country, those hours in the car can quickly become boring.  Sure, everyone can play with their iPhones or electronic gadgets, but what can you do to engage as a family?  Our Kansas City long distance moving pros have a few ideas.

 Have fun with license plates.  Everyone in the car (except the driver, of course) can keep their eyes on all of the license plates that pass by on cars and trucks, tallying up how many are from what states, or even using the letters/numbers on the plates to spell words or do math.  For instance, younger kids will have fun adding up the numbers, or even multiplying them.

 Counting cars – but not EVERY car.  It would be a bit boring to count every vehicle that passes by, but this can be fun for the entire family if you make it more challenging.  For instance, count only white vehicles that pass, or only RVs or trucks pulling campers.  Make it specific!

 Play the “I Spy” game.  This is fun if you have four or five family members along for the ride to your new home.  One person sees something out the window (such as a cow, horse, windmill, etc.) and describes it so the others can try to guess what it is.  There are literally thousands of things you can see along the roadways, and descriptions using color, shape, size, or other characteristics to help passengers identify the object is fun!

 While even these games will get old after a while, it’s a good break from everyone being in their own little worlds with their technological gadgets and a great way to engage the family for a bit.

 At Secure Moving & Storage, our KC long distance movers make moving across the state or completely out of the state easier and less stressful.  Contact us today, and find out why we’re the preferred moving company!