Moving in K.C. During Winter Months

September’s nearly here, so the cold months are nearly upon us. If you’ll be moving during the winter months, our Kansas City residential movers have a few suggestions to make it easier. While most people prefer to move during months when the weather is calm and pleasant, sometimes you have no choice.
Get packing early.  During winter it gets dark earlier, and you don’t want to be hauling loads to the car after dark.  If it’s been snowing or sleeting, it could be slippery too.  Instead, pack very early in the day or even after dark the night before so you can move anything you’ll transport in your car during daylight hours.
Clear the walkways.  KC tends to get quite a bit of snow and sleet during winter, so be sure to clear the walkways.  Carrying heavy boxes on a slippery sidewalk is asking for trouble!  Your moving company will also appreciate a safe surface to walk on.
Stock your car with emergency supplies.  Most people make a few trips in their vehicles running back and forth between the old house and the new one.  During harsh winter months, be sure you have several blankets, water, a flashlight, and other emergency supplies in your car.
Pay attention to the weather in the weeks prior to your move. Two or three weeks before the scheduled move and in the days just before, keep a close eye on the weather.  The last thing you want to do is move during a huge winter storm!  Not only is driving dangerous, having snow, sleet, or ice accumulate on your boxes could result in ruined possessions once it melts into water.
Put down carpet remnants or cardboard to prevent tracking mud/slush all over the floors in your new home.  This not only protects the floors, it makes for a safer trek for your family and the moving crew.  Melted snow or ice can make for slippery floors.
There is an advantage to moving during the winter – many KC moving companies aren’t as busy, so you can pretty much choose exactly when you want to move.  Some companies offer extra perks during winter months, so find out all you can when comparing moving companies.  Be sure to give Secure Moving & Storage a call!