Moving to a new Home in Kansas City? What to Put in Storage

Moving to a New Home in Kansas City?  What to Put in Storage

When you’re moving house is in a central location, sometimes it makes more sense to put some items in storage until you determine what you’ll ultimately do with them.  As trusted Kansas City movers, we have a few suggestions on which items are suitable for being stored – sometimes over a long period.

Holiday Décor

Why crowd your closets or storage shed with Christmas lights, Jack-o-Lanterns, and other decorations used only once each year?

Broken “stuff”

You may one day get around to repairing.  Old space heaters, toaster ovens, a bicycle that doesn’t function, box fans – many people have items they hope to one day repair, but who knows when you’ll get around to it?  Put it in storage until you’re ready to either begin work, or decide to donate/trash it.


We all love to reminisce, but do you really need all the old school annuals, trophies, and furniture. Those items will just taking up space in your new home?  Probably not.  Consider storing those precious memories.

Baby Items

From the crib or bassinette to the changing table, mobiles, books, baby bottles, toys, and other items, wouldn’t that extra room be better served as a game room, office, or spare room for guests?  Consider storing these items until you need them again or perhaps a friend/family member could use them.

These are a few items you should consider storing. After all, we can all use the space in a new home – and why clutter it up from the beginning?

At Secure Moving & Storage, our Kansas City residential movers are ready to help make the move to your home easy, secure, and less stressful.  Give us a call today, and rest at ease knowing your belongings are in good hands.