How to Show Your Appreciation to Friends Who Help with Your KC Move

Here are a few tips from our Kansas City moving professionals.

Lots of people who move have a few friends who help them out, and it’s important to show your appreciation.  If your idea of rewarding friends after the hard work is done is serving up a pizza and warm beer, think again.  After all, you want to keep those friends after your settled into your new home!

 To make the move easier for yourself and especially your friends, don’t try to save on packing tape by folding boxes closed – this is an accident waiting to happen, and makes carrying that much more difficult.

 Avoid packing heavy items in huge boxes in order to make fewer trips.  It’s almost impossible to carry 50 lb. boxes, and why do that to your friends’ backs?

 Makes sure boxes are clearly labeled so your friends know which room to put them in, and use boxes that are medium-size for the most efficient move.

 Provide drinks and snacks for your friends during the move.  A huge mistake many people make is promising a burger or pizza after all is said and done, but this is a good way to irritate your friends, who are starving by 1:30 in the afternoon.

 Not only should you pay for your friends’ gas when they help you move, you may also want to consider getting them a gift card for $10 or $20 so they can top of their tanks at a later date.

 When the moving is done, be sure to keep showing your appreciation of all your friends’ hard work.  Whether everyone prefers a round of Starbucks iced coffee or a cold beer, toast your friends for their much appreciated help.  Then, top the day off by taking everyone out to a nice restaurant where casual, crumpled clothing doesn’t really matter such as TGI Fridays. 

 At Secure Moving & Storage, we know most people have friends & family who help with the move.  Be sure to show your appreciation!  For the ‘big stuff’ be sure to call our  moving company for unmatched service at a price you can afford.