Making a Move in the KC Area?  Full Storage vs. Self Storage

If you’re moving to or from a home in the Kansas City area, you may be curious about movers and storage options. Secure Moving & Storage can help! Basically, you can either choose self- or full-service storage.  What’s the difference?  There are several, however many homeowners believe self-storage will cost them less.  Depending on the circumstances, this may not actually be the case, particularly if you are putting the furnishings from several rooms in storage.  Below we cover the pros and cons of self- and full-storage.
What are the benefits of choosing full-service storage?
In most situations, the facility is liable for your belongings and furnishings, which are professionally loaded into the storage facility and often protected using shrink-wrapping and pads.  Additionally, this can be the least costly way to go if you have substantial furnishings that will go into storage, and you can rely on security as only authorized personnel are allowed in the storage facility.
Drawbacks of full-service storage include limited access, which can be problematic if you need frequent access at any/all hours of the day.
Benefits and drawbacks of self-service storage
Should you choose self-service storage during your KC move, it’s important to know the pros and cons.  Some of the pros include:
You can access your property at any time you like, and there are generally no access fees.
On the down side, the cost is generally more, and most facilities do not take on liability should anything happen to your belongings.  Additionally, it’s your job to load your furnishings or other possession into or out of the storage facility.
Moving can be stressful, especially if you need to put your belongings in storage for a period of time.  At Secure Moving & Storage, we help make the entire process of moving from one location to another as seamless and stress-free as possible.  Contact our Kansas City residential movers today for a hassle-free experience!